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Cantabria Labs Neoretin Serum

Neoretin Discrom Control - Serum Booster Fluid 30ml

Fast-absorbing, concentrated formula that combines depigmenting and anti-dark spot active ingredients and technologies. It includes Whitening Booster System, a system of six (6) powerful active ingredients that act on the formation of dark spots, in the phases of melanin synthesis.

With retexturising and renewal activity, thanks to RetinSphere® Technology, it gives more uniform and luminous skin, visibly reducing dark spots. Its high tolerability allows for year-round use. 

How to use

Shake before use. Apply in the morning and/or evening on cleansed skin on the face and neck

Cantabria Labs Neoretin Pads Discos despigmentantes

Neoretin Discrom Control - Lightening Peel Intensive Depigmenting Discs

RetinSphere® Technology stimulates epidermal renewal and enhances the effect of active ingredients. Its non-comedogenic formula is impregnated in concentrated discs made of pure fibres that minimise allergic reactions.

How to use

1. Slide the concentrated disc over the area to be treated, on cleansed and dry skin in a smooth circular and continuous motion for 30 to 60 seconds.

2. Leave to act for about 20 minutes or leave on overnight. If any symptoms of irritation occur (redness, itching or stinging) remove immediately.

3. After the indicated time, or the next morning, rinse thoroughly with water. 4. Then apply your regular depigmenting treatment.

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