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Facial and Body Scars

Facial Scars Medical Skin and Laser
Scars can:
  • Cause embarrassment
  • Hinder true expression
  • Cause anxiety and depressive symptoms
  • Can be a reminder of a story, which you have moved on from.
We revise all types of scars including those resulting from:
  • Skin Cancer Removal
  • Caesarian-sections
  • Mastectomies
  • Transplants & Operations
  • Breast Implants & Reductions
  • Surgical Facelifts
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Brow Lifts
  • Tummy Tucks
  • Acne Scarring
  • Keloid Scarring
  • Stretch Marks
  • Fire & Chemical Burns
  • Previous self harm
  • Puffy skin flaps/ grafts post surgery
  • Red or purple vessels from trauma or surgery site.
  • Ear growths/ keloid scars after traumatic piercings.
Stretch Marks Medical Skin and Laser
How are scars treated?

There is no one way to correct scars.

Why? Because not 1 scar is the same, and not 1 person is the same.

How do we determine the best treatment options for a scar?

1) The Doctor will diagnose the type of scar/ scars and the evaluate the skin in which it resides. 
2) The Doctor will take the time to evaluate your expectations and health status.
3) Options will be presented and explained to you.
4) Financial costs of treatment will be explored. A copy will be sent home with you.
5) Pre care and after care will be discussed in detail.

We use a wide array of techniques to customise to your scar type, skin type and preference.

These include:
Steroid injections
Biostimulatory injectables/ Hyaluronic acid injectables/ Bioremodeller injectables
CO2 laser/ Erbium laser
Vascular Laser
PICO laser
RF Microneedling
Re- excision of scar
Regular care and follow up

Will scars ever go away completely?

Likely- No.
As much as we would like the scars to completely resolve, this does not happen often.

What does happen though, is there is often enough of an improvement to facilitate moving forward.


Ear Keloid Scar Growth_edited.jpg
Large Keloid Scar Left Ear
Immediately Post Surgery
2 weeks post Surgery
Woman by The Sea


Not all scars are bad. They tell a story.

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