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Best Botox Cosmetic Injector


When PREVENTION is still better than the CURE

Wrinkle Reduction

Frown lines "11's"
Forehead Lines
Crows feet
Droopy eyelids
Dimply Chin
Strong Chin Crease
SAD-Looking mouth corners
Nose Bunny LINES

Facial Slimming
Neck bands/ Tech neck
Post Stroke/ Paralysis
Dehydration lines
Glass skin

There are many ways to address wrinkle reduction to enhance YOUR face.

"Elegance is the artful dance of seamless  effortless"

We give you careful and thorough EVALUATION with options and planning.

We take the time to construct a plan that is INDIVIDUAL to you.

Your needs
Your expectations
Your timeline
Your budget.
Fine lines and wrinkles
At Medical Skin and Laser, we only use the best methods and products to ensure you get the most out of your treatments with us.

Wrinkles are good.
They show expression, tell a story and create warmth in a face and body. However, too much may not always be a good thing.

When your wrinkles start to make a home on your resting face, others may interpret you as being anxious, stressed, angry, tired or old.

In fact, people in their 20's or 30's are so conscious of this, they are implementing preventative strategies before these resting wrinkles become an issue. One of the reasons why celebrities look so good for so long!

Without taking away your natural finesse, we take our time to give you exactly what YOU want. We aim to give you maximum benefit with minimum intervention, in safe surroundings and regular follow up.
Wrinkle Relaxer
Marked improvement in her lines and shadows around her eyes, and forehead. Improved skin texture and pore size. Decreased dehydration crepey fine lines.
Wrinkle Relaxer Botox Dysport Medical Skin and Laser

Decreased skin pull under and around her eyes as well as the elevated eyebrow.
Decreased forehead lines.
Decreased emphasis of lines on lower face with a tighter jawline.
Skin care maintainence


So you can get on with the important stuff!

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