Enlarged Pores and Blackheads

How do I reduce the size of my pores?
Although such a common question, it can sometimes be challenging to treat. What many people don't realise, is that the pore is actually flask shaped, so the more you try to scrub away at it, you could be making it look bigger.
Genetics plays a major role in pore size. It can also be associated with people who have a history of oily skin or acne. Unfortunately, squeezing pimples may also cause permanently enlarged pores. 
The treatment really depends on the severity of the pore, where it is, type of skin, previous treatments and whether it needs to be unblocked. 
At Medical Skin and Laser Australia, we have many modalities including special washes, Vitamin A creams, TCA treatments, peels, laser and radiofrequency with/without microneedling which have proven to give great pore reduction.
Once reduced, the results are permanent!