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PDO threadlift Medical Skin and Laser

Biostimulation PRO
Perfect for stimulating your collagen and giving you a natural lift!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Biostimulant Pro?

Bone, muscle and fat changes take place as we age, and along with this, collagen loss starts to occur. Collagen provides vital support and structure to the skin. As it diminishes, we start to see the formation of lines and wrinkles, and loss of overall volume. Clever biostimulatory methods evoke your own body to rebuild collagen again in areas that have previously undergoing degradation. Depending on the selected expert placement, your skin and surrounding structures will naturally become restored without any artificial looking augmentation.

What is Biostimulant Pro?

This Biostimulant is a sterile suspension of Poly-L-Lactic acid (PLLA), which is a biocompatible (does not harm the body), biodegradable semi-permanent filler. Poly-L-Lactic acid has been used medically for many years in dissolvable stitches. It switches on the collagen forming cascade to re-volumise skin, stimulate natural collagen production and improve the appearance of skin laxity, lipoatrophy, skin quality and density and visible signs of ageing.


This Biostimulant has been used since 1999 in more than 150,000 patients in more than 30 countries, primarily for cosmetic use. 


How do I know if this is the right option for me?

A comprehensive consultation is required before undergoing Biostimulation injections by our experienced doctor or registered nurse to determine if the procedure is suitable for you. The indications for biostimulation include many areas of the face and/or body where an improvement in skin elasticity and skin texture is desired. The skin will continue to tighten and improve due to the increased collagen deposition over the months following the procedure.


It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for those who want a NATURAL result that is closest to their natural features. This is NOT and augmentation treatment.


How long until I see the results of the treatment?


You will begin to see results within six weeks of your treatment. These results will continue to improve over the next 2–6 months as new collagen is produced. 


How long do the results last? 

The effect of a Biostimulant Pro treatment may last from 1 to 2 years, but in some cases the duration of the effect can be shorter or longer. Most areas of treatment will require multiple sessions at 4-6 week intervals, for optimal correction.  The results vary depending on lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol, exercise etc. It is recommended to have a top-up treatment six months after the initial treatment to maintain the tightening effects. 


Does the procedure hurt? 

Topical and or local anaesthetic will be administered before the Biostimulant Pro treatment, so you will experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. You may experience a firm feeling and some tenderness in the area that has been treated for a few days after the procedure. 

How long does the Biostimulant Pro treatment take? 

The time of the treatment will vary based on factors, such as the size of the area being treated, but will typically take anywhere between 30–60 minutes.

What is the downtime for this procedure? 

The Biostimulant Pro treatment may produce swelling and bruising in the area that has been treated, which will subside after approximately 5 days, however can take up to 15 days to resolve.


Aftercare involves:

  1. Massaging the treated areas gently 5 times per day for 5 minutes for 5 days after the treatment is essential in minimising any complications and aids in reabsorption of the excess fluid from the treatment. Your practitioner will advise you to set an alert to remind you to attend to this post-care.

  2. Avoid AHA/BHAs and makeup application for 48 hours post-treatment to reduce the risk of infection at the injection site.

  3. Avoid UV exposure and apply SPF50+ to minimise the risk of post-inflammatory pigmentation at the treatment site.

  4. The use of anti-inflammatory drugs, fish oil, essential fatty acid supplements, anti-clotting agents or aspirin will increase the risk of bleeding, therefore bruising, at the injection site.

Who is it NOT suitable for?

Those who are prone to keloid or hypertrophic scar formation, on anticoagulant therapy, prone to chronic infection, have a severe systemic or metabolic syndrome, have a bleeding disorder/vascular disease or liver disease.

How much is it? 

$950-1800 per session

You can call us to book on (08) 6336 0120.

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