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Red Damaged Neck: Poikiloderma

Red Neck Medical Skin and Laser

Does this look like you?

Often known dermatologically as "Poikiloderma of Civatte", this red colouration and sun damaged look of the neck can become more prominent as time proceeds. It is extremely common and benign (non-cancerous). Poikiloderma of civatte was first described in 1923 and refers to redness and mottled pigment on the sides of the neck. The area under the chin is usually unaffected.

The cause of poikiloderma is unknown, however associated factors include:

  • Fair skin

  • Women

  • UV sun exposure

  • Radiation treatment

  • Hormonal factors

  • Some components of cosmetics and toiletries (photosensitising components)

There are genetic skin conditions which may also manifest in this way, so evaluation by a Skin Doctor is always recommended prior to treatment.

In the dermatological world, the neck and chest has been notoriously difficult to treat. At Medical Skin and Laser Australia, we ustilise preventative strategies, creams, with the lastest cutting edge laser technology. Our Excel V laser can help with both the redness and pigmentation, as well as give a gentle skin rejuevenation. 

Once you gain improvement, it is important to maintain general measures. This includes:

  • Wearing at least 30+ factor broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) protective suncreen

  • Covering up with physical barriers when practical- such as scarves, hats etc

  • Minimise use of perfumes, cosmetics, toiletries in that region

It is possible that through enjoying life, we may not always follow these measures to a T, so if the poikiloderma does start coming back, it's easy. We can organise an individualised maintanence program to suit you. 

Red damaged skin + Medical Skin and Laser


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