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Building from the base upwards

What do we hear you say?
"I want something that is going to age well and look natural over time."
"I'm looking for something that is actually good for my skin and my body."
"I don't want to be injecting unnecessary chemicals into myself."
"I'm looking for something that is as bio-identical to what I already have in my face."
"Can I find something that will activate my body to age slower?"
"Is there something that will act as a natural preventative?"
You are not alone!
Medical Skin and Laser can present and deliver options to address your collection of concerns. It is true that not one treatment can solve ALL concerns, and that what might work for one person, may not work the same for another.
Whenever we try to build collagen or strengthen skin health, a complete medical evaluation is required to be able to give you the correct option profile and expectation.
Optimisation of inner body health is essential to gain the best results. This may involve good management of autoimmune disease, minimising smoking or alcohol consumption, improving skin barrier or addressing any co-existing skin conditions which may affect treatment outcomes. When any laser is involved, as per regulations, our Doctor will perform a complete skin cancer check of that field prior to any treatment.
Initial consultation will be required prior to any treatment. These treatments are not performed on the day. We value the importance of our patients approaching these treatments steadily, after complete financial and procedural consents have been conducted. Patients are given time to ask any new questions in relation to their treatment plan.
The most common areas of treatment include the face and neck, décolletage, hands, arms, knees and abdomen area.
Treatment options are suitable for men and women of ages over 18yo.

Real Results

Real People



AIM: Natural Age Appropriate Results


Supportive Treatments

Your journey, your say.

With an Experienced Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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Committed to your care

The Natural Enhancer was founded on three main principles: healthy living, outstanding service, and technology-driven solutions.
Our management and staff are committed to providing our patients with the proven treatments, delivered with care and follow-up. Together, we strive to find the best personalised skincare solutions to address your concerns.
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