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Skin Tag, Wart, Keratosis, Cyst, and  Mole Removal

Skin Tag & Mole Removal Services in Perth, WA

1) Skin check with our Doctor
2) Diagnosis and education
3) Options for removal (Day procedure only)
4) Suitability for treatment.

5) Recommendations and costs discussed.
6) Prevention and aftercare discussed 

Our Medical team treat all types of skin lesions, on ALL areas of your body.
This includes:
Body- abdomen, back, flank, arms and legs
Groin region
Lesions are required to have a formal skin cancer check and consultation prior to removal.
The Doctor will guide you to the options for removal of your lesion, or collection of lesions. Complete and comprehensive evaluation is required to ascertain the suitability for selected procedures. 
This may include:
Surgical removal
Cautery and coagulation
Laser removal
All procedures have risks and potential complications. Our team focusses on providing comprehensive pre and post care, so you can best prepare to obtain the most optimal cosmetic result. Our access to advanced scar therapies, and laser and energy technologies also offer patients a significant cosmetic advantage.
Every patient has a direct communication pathway with our medical team and their treating Doctor throughout the recovery process.

Real MSL Before and Afters

Individual Results will vary
Jawline fleshy benign lesion pre and post operatively, and then at 2 weeks.
2 weeks post keloid nodule removal
2 weeks post earlobe cyst removal
2 weeks post keloid nodule removal
2 weeks post earlobe cyst removal
Fleshy looking lesion (Basal Cell Carcinoma) pre and post op, then at 1 week post removal
Venous Lake (dark lip lesion) 2 weeks after laser treatment
Under eye growing lesion (Squamous Cell Carcinoma) at 2 weeks after removal
Skin cancer check of the lesion/s is required to be conducted by our Doctors prior to any removal being scheduled.

This component of the consultation will attract a medicare rebate.
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