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Skin tags and Mole removal

Skin Tags, cyst, and Mole           Removal

Skin tags can arise in annoying places! It is not uncommon to find them on the armpits, neck, bra lines, groin, body folds and even on the eyelids! Although we don't know what exactly causes them, often they can develop in areas of friction. We only recommend removing them if they are causing irritation, a source of discomfort, or considered unsightly.

Important facts:

  1. They are soft fleshy skin growths which hang from a "stalk"

  2. They are not cancerous

  3. They are not a disease, and so are not contagious

Skin tags are simple and easy to remove. Depending on the location, size and number, we will provide you options. After treatment, you will be able to resume your day.


Mole removal is also be a simple procedure. Method of removal will depend on type, size and location of the mole.


We require a consult before any removal to perform a skin check, explain the procedure and gain consent.

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