Can you spot the skin cancer?


1) Skin Cancers do not discriminate!

Although people with red hair, fair skin, many moles (eg. dysplastic naevus syndrome) and extensive sun damage are more susceptible, there is no skin type or age that they do not turn up on.

Bob Marley died of a Melanoma found under his toe, which rapidly spread to other parts of his body.

2) Families should start their screening at a young age, and always have their eye out for something new popping up unexpectedly. Although we diagnose most of our skin cancers in the over 45yo group, unfortunately we diagnose skin cancers in children under 16 more often than we like to. Recent news coverage on 29yo Hawthorn footballer, Jarryd Roughead with metastatic melanoma is a stark reminder of how vigilant we need to be.

3) Covering up with hats, clothes and SPF 30-50 should be taken seriously. Don't forget the Zinc oxide on the lips and nose if out in the sun for extended periods of time. Pop a Vitamin D tablet if you are afraid of not getting enough.

4) Beware- as skin cancer can develop anywhere. This includes areas that rarely see the sun- genitalia, plans of hands, soles of feet, scalp (under lots of hair), under fingernails and toe nails, eyes, ears, nose, inside and outside the mouth.

5) Regular checks by an experienced Skin Doctor will allow for prompt treatment of lesions when they are just beginning to change and develop. This means that there is less need for surgery and outlook with generally AWESOME! (well in relation to dying from skin cancer anyway).

Answer: Shiny round pink lesion under the eye is a basal cell carcinoma. This patient thought is was a normal lump on his face- never really played it any attention!

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