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Eneomey Perfect Body

Eneomey Perfect Body 15

PERFECT BODY 15 smooths skin by stimulating cell activity.

It moisturises the superficial layers of the skin, tones the dermis and firms the skin tissue.


PERFECT BODY 15 offers a dual moisturising and smoothing action. Formulated with 15% Glycolic Acid which boosts the production of Hyaluronic Acid, this body lotion improves the tone and elasticity of the skin tissue while providing a moisturizing effect. It also prevents skin aging thanks to Ascorbosilane C, a stabilized form of Vitamin C.


One of the fundamental active ingredients in Eneomey products, Glycolic acid originates from sugar cane. It possesses a perfect penetration capacity to effectively stimulate cell activity. Glycolic acid stimulates the fibres responsible for maintaining the skin’s elasticity, thus producing a firming and toning effect on the skin. Also known for its exfoliating action, it will improve texture irregularities to restore smoother skin.

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