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Available in Perth: Radiofrequency Face and Body Skin Tightening

Available in Perth: Radiofrequency Face and Body Skin Tightening

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KIM KARDASHIAN having a tightening, collagen stimulating treatment to maintain supple, thick tight skin using the RF ENDYMED device- a MEDICAL SKIN AND LASER FAVOURITE!

(a repost from our friends @endymedUSA)

We often get asked,

"What do the celebrities do to keep them looking so preserved?"

"What ever they are getting- I want it too!"

The truth is, just like you and me, they are individuals with their own differing skin needs. You will find that they all have their own regime and choice when it comes to anti-ageing technology and cosmeceuticals.


Common celebrity secrets (whether declared or not) include: 

  • Wrinkle Relaxer- How else do they keep such a smooth face?

  • Dermal Filler- Ever wondered how they can be so thin, but still have a uplifted, plump cheekbones, and hydrated smooth skin?

  • Laser work- Lasers can do so many things! Remove redness, brown or purple spots, stimulate collagen production, remove blemishes and even minimise pore size!

  • Collagen stimulation via RF, HIFU, Micro-needling, Laser- To keep their skin thick and youthful, and TIGHT!

  • 4-6 weekly facials, dermasweeps, microdermabrasions- to keep skin silky smooth and free of dry scaly build up of dead skin. Not only does makeup sit better, but products are more readily absorbed.

  • Facial Plastic Surgery- obvious reasons!

  • Fat heating/ freezing devices to kill off fat cells- used more for stubborn fatty areas.

  • Fat dissolving injections- especially to the chin fat (Khloe Kardashian was actually a celebrity to endorsed it and had it done- hence her now chiselled jawline)

  • Lots of sleep

  • Lots of Water

  • Amazing clean diet full of Vitamins, minerals, Essential Fatty acids and clean protein. (Most have a low or NO gluten and dairy policy)

  • No Smoking

  • SPF sun protection

  • The Best selection of Cosmeceuticals with scientifically proven ingredients of action.

  • Make up (and makeup artists) 


The latest technologies are available for you, right here- at your doorstep. To discover what your options are, our experienced Doctors and medical team will give you a personalised consultation to suit your needs, expectations and budget. Our focus is always on patient care, education and journey- so naturally, there are NO STRINGS ATTACHED!



The LATEST SKIN TECH is no longer just for the select few.

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