At Medical Skin and Laser, you are important.

We take everything in consideration when tailoring a program to your needs. Although we specialise in skin cancer, skin health and skin rejuvenation, we understand that your mental, physical and spiritual health is comprised of so much more than that. 

We are focussed on high quality, ethical practice to ensure you get the best results in a safe medical setting. Our follow up is second to none. We do not focus on churning people through the door, but rather establishing long lasting relationships, pursuing individual goals, with patients we love.  Maintaining one's invigoration for life is no longer left to a one time "fix." The world is learning that prevention and early staged medical care is all that is required to slow the clock and smooth the canvas.

As experienced Family Physicians, we have a broad understanding of medical conditions involving the entire body, and know that it all adds up. Imbalances on the inside as well as external environmental factors will affect your skin health- and we can help you with this too. We work closely with many medical specialists and allied health specialists to ensure you can be your best!

We look forward to exploring this journey with you.




Our Drs diagnose and treat skin conditions

We conduct our own skin checks to determine your true skin status from a skin cancer, skin disease, skin suitability for treatment POV.

Medically trained- we take into account your overall health status. The skin is just 1 organ that we assess.

Many simple skin surgeries can occur as a day procedure. You deal with the SAME Dr throughout your journey. This includes your follow ups and aftercare.


Patient centred. We work around your needs.

Our Drs are bound by the strictest medical guidelines- WE TELL the TRUTH, bound by evidence.

This means that you are required to have a formal consultation and consenting process where your options are EXPLAINED to you, by your Dr.

This is NOT a free service, as we do not incentivise or financially coerce patients into any treatment. Our job is to give you your factual options after conducting a thorough medical assessment.

It also means that you will be required to have a 24hr cooling down period before we can commence any treatment. 

We want you to do your research, comparisons, and ask all the questions you need before commencing with us.


You are followed up by your TREATING Dr.

Your Dr is trained to assess and treat any complication, or potential complication. MSL aim for optimal outcomes for all patients.

If you request, or it is medically necessary, we will include you on our comprehensive recall system.


Including your Dr, there is an entire team designated to ensuring that you have the best aftercare. From just post treatment, to years down the track, we aim to ensure you are equipped to achieve expectations.

Our open door policy means that our patients can access advice at anytime during their skin journey.

SAFETY is paramount

MSL team believe that if you are respected and given the time to become empowered and informed during your journey, the Dr and patient collaboration will produce the best outcomes for all parties. 


No information or images are shared unless prior consent has been obtained.